About the blog: “Esta noche una escritora ha nacido”

I went to Target and bought the prettiest 3-ring binder I could find, notebook paper, fancy pens, dividers and a case to carry the pens. I put thought into each of the items I purchased. These would become “Grandma’s special” writing supplies for her blog.

I invited myself over for dinner at Uncle Art & Aunt Jennifer’s home where Grandma is staying. After we finished eating I asked my uncle to be my translator to Grandma.

Denise: “Grandma, I have a very important project but I need your help to make it happen. This is something that only you can do. And it will be a wonderful gift for you to give the family.

You have so many stories and experiences to share with the family. So many of us haven’t heard the stories and we’d love to be able to pass them on to future generations.

I’d like for you to write one story every day about one family member. The story can be just one favorite memory, a lesson you learned—or anything you want. For example, today you might write a story on your mother. Tomorrow might be a story on your sister. The story can be long or short. Anything you want.”

Grandma listened. She had a look of interest in her eyes and her slight smile gave her away. But she hesitated.

Grandma: “I can’t. What would I write about? I can’t write anymore (she shows me her weak hand). I didn’t have anything more than a 3rd grade education. I don’t remember things anymore.”

Denise: “Grandma. A month ago at my parents’ home you told us the story of how you and grandpa met. You remembered details like names. I know you can do it Grandma.”

Grandma: “You’re right. I did talk a lot that day. And you seemed to take particular interest.”

At this point I knew she was on board with the project. We shook hands to seal the deal.

Then I stunned her by saying—“let’s begin now!”

Grandma: “Now?!”

Grandma said she’d prefer to work in another room by herself—away from everyone else! So she got up, used her walker and went to the dining room. She announced to the family: “Tonight a writer is born!”

An hour later she finished. She handed in a story that was 1 ½ pages long, double spaced. And so begins Grandma’s Blog: “Esta noche una escritora ha nacido”.

Please support Grandma’s efforts by visiting each day to check out what’s new. Feel free to post comments, ask questions or better yet call Grandma directly. She would love to know you are reading!

Thank you!
Denise Holguin

7 responses to “About”

  1. Pete Holguin says :

    Denise, this has been so special. We all look forward to the stories every night with anticipation. You have renewed mom. God bless you for your efforts.

    • grandmaholguin says :

      Thank you Uncle Pete.
      When I presented the idea– you were the first to respond with encouragement. (I was counting on you in particular to respond first). And my mom assured me that Grandma could write with pen/paper. So these two factors are what fueled me to proceed with blind faith.

      Plus several individuals have been working on this project behind the scenes including:
      Editors/translators: Uncle Art, Uncle George and my dad.
      Computer Techie, Artist, Photography Stylist and my Trusty Sidekick: Mary Holguin
      Prop Department, Cook and General Support: Aunt Jennifer

      And of course, everyone who has taken the time to visit Grandma’s blog. I’m the OCD Admin that is checking Grandma’s blog stats periodically to see what stories are getting read at any given time. It’s gratifying to see how the family has rallied to support her through this positive outlet.

      The blog isn’t over yet. We have more stories coming.

      – Denise

  2. Maggie says :

    This is great Denise, this really paints a good picture of how it all began. I love that Grandma came up with the blog name. Uncle Pete, thanks for pointing us in the direction of this story.

  3. Paty says :

    I hadn’t read this part!! This is so wonderful; the way it all began!!! Thank you Denise. Mom told me the other day, “The one wonderful thing that came out of my trip to Dallas was Denise and I growing closer.” This is great!!

  4. George says :

    I agree wholeheartedly with what all of the comments in this section. Denise, as you know, Grandma is so ready to get home. However, last night, as we were talking about her return to LC, she said, “aside from missing Art and Jen, I am really going to miss sweet Mary, and in particular Denise. I love her sooo much. I will miss her having dinner with us, her pushing me to write, and her overall interest in what my life was like, and taking the time to document it all in such a special way. I’ll never forget it.”

    • grandmaholguin says :

      Thank you UG,
      I think this activity has benefited many and was a good use of time. I’ve enjoyed the process. Uncle Art, Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Mary have been VERY accommodating with every one of my whims while Grandma watches with amusement.

      It’s great that family and friends have been encouraging of Grandma in her project. I think everyone no matter how young or old wants to have an outlet to express themselves, feel productive and important. This blog has served that purpose for Grandma in a positive, healthy way.

      I have two more “clients” that are elderly that are also interested in having their own blog– so I’ll be setting them up soon.
      Denise the Admin

  5. philosophermouseofthehedge says :

    Smart idea. These will be treasured.

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